Join the Postpartum THRIVING MOMMIES Group!

THRIVING MOMMIES is a wonderful support/hypnotherapy/healing group for bouncing back POSTPARTUM. We are here to support each other, share resources, and to learn new ways of helping ourselves and our families.

Each group usually includes 4-6 recently POSTNATAL Mommies, and the group lasts six weeks. Each session is 75 minutes so that you are not apart from you new baby for too long, yet long enough for this important self-care. Each session includes a useful theme and may include a guest speaker certain weeks.

At THRIVING MOMMIES we will share, support, learn, and experience hypnosis for restorative rest, stress reduction, coping, reconnecting with self, healing, and thriving. It is in this safe space that you can create your own Mommy identity as well as remember who you are as a thriving individual. Postpartum Depression Scottsdale Mothers Group.

postpartum depression scottsdale
CALL TO REGISTER NOW (800) 289-0875

THRIVE as a Mommy!

Join the Postpartum THRIVING MOMMIES Group and start thriving immediately through nurturing yourself and supporting each other.

For more information, including times and fees, CALL (800) 289-0875 today.

CALL TO REGISTER NOW (800) 289-0875

Postpartum Depression Scottdsdale Mothers Group