Who Stopped in just ONE Session


Literally pay out of that old cigarette money, and then put $2,000-$3,000 back in your pocket every year for the rest of your long and healthy life!

Our process is the most effective ever developed, and has triple the success rate of expensive patches pills & gums.  The difference?  We combine the most advanced hypnosis techniques with a new ground breaking neurological process to address the problem in the mind, where the habits and cravings are stored, to eliminate them completely once and for all.

Our process is completely natural with  no drugs, no cravings, and no withdrawal.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scottsdale.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scottsdale

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    Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scottsdale

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    First we will talk.  I will explain every step of this process to you before anything happens.  I care about your well being, and want you to understand the science of how and why this this process is the most effective ever developed, so you feel completely comfortable, and excited to begin.

    Next I will work with your neurological system for about 15 minutes, because it is your system that wants to keep you smoking just the way you are right now.  Your own body will indicate that the problem has been cleared from your system, and you will be a non-smoker before you sit in the chair for the advanced hypnosis.

    stop smoking hypnotherapy scottsdale

    Finally, because I believe in being “double redundant,” you will experience a wonderful hypnotic process that has been proven to have a 90% success rate.  You will sit in a comfy recliner, and it will be just like listening to me tell you a story.  You will not fall asleep; that is a myth.  You will be completely in control and will remember everything clearly. When you open your eyes, it will be like before you ever smoked!

    • Save Money
    • Feel Stronger
    • Improve Circlulation
    • Smell Better
    • Improve Taste
    • Achieve Success
    • Better Kisses
    • Expand Dating Options
    • Improve Sex
    • Model Healthy Habits
    • Improve You Job
    • Feel Less Stressed


    The best in the business

    We are committed to supporting our clients to remain free from tobacco products for the rest of their long and healthy lives.

    Jules Levin, BCCH
    Board certified hypnotherapist
    Smoking cessation specialist
    Call Today! (800) 289-0875

    “I came to see Jules to stop smoking after 27 years of smoking.  She was able to help me do so in just 1 session. I had such a good experience with her that I decided to keep coming back to deal with sleep and food issues.  It’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself.”

    -M.D.R.  (Paradise Valley, AZ)

    “I am blown away that Jules helped me quit smoking in just one session.  I have been trying for years on my own and this was so easy.  My wife and I are forever grateful to Jules.”

    -R.G.  (Phoenix, AZ)


    Success with any human change method or therapy, including hypnosis, can be affected by several variables such as the attitude, motivation, and cooperation of each individual client.

    Upon completion of a client’s paid program and within the first month (30 days) after, in the very rare instance that a Stop Smoking and Thrive client chooses to smoke again, has strong cravings, or requires additional reinforcement, Stop Smoking and Thrive will provide one (1) one-hour “backup session” for a nominal fee of $35.  After the first month (30 days), in the very rare instance that a Stop Smoking and Thrive client chooses to smoke again, has strong cravings, or requires additional reinforcement, Stop Smoking and Thrive will provide one-hour “backup session(s)” for a nominal fee of $100 per session.  After the first year (365 days), a new full program will be required at the full rate.


    We at Stop Smoking and Thrive strive to maximize the number of people we are able to help every week.  We hold that every life is precious starting with yours.

    We appreciate the support of our clients to our mission by keeping their agreements and arriving to their scheduled sessions on time and prepared.  Last minute cancellations, and irresponsible no-shows cost our center financially, and squander valuable sessions that may have helped others.

    Our Cancellation Policy: Payments are fully refundable when cancelled within 24 hours of booking or when cancelled with 5 (five) or more business days notice from scheduled session date.

    Payments of missed sessions, or sessions cancelled with less than 3 (three) business days notice will not be refunded.  Stop Smoking and Thrive will allow missed or cancelled sessions to be rescheduled, applying the original payment once, at no extra cost to the client.  If a client also misses the rescheduled session, the payment is forfeited.

    (If a client feels that it is in any way an unfair or unreasonable expectation on our part that a client keep the agreed appointment that was reserved exclusively for the client, at the request of the client, he or she may contact me directly to discuss.) Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scottsdale.